i love my dad.

OK, I realize the blog neglect has been terrible.  It’s hard to believe people actually read this stuff, so I am sorry to those who have been anxiously waiting to see if I am still in business 🙂 In fact, I have so many fun sessions to show you and now that I am through the holiday madness, I might actually have some down time to show it all to you.  

I truly loved this session.  The uniqueness of capturing just one relationship other than through a couples session is something that I just love!  Too often we take pictures of the whole family together, or all the siblings and we forget about a parents individual and unique connection to each child, or in this case the special bond between a father and his daughter.  I know about this connection because I have been blessed with such an incredible dad.  Those who know me well know what I think of my dad and just how important he is to me.  I used to get teased in middle school because apparently I bragged about my dad a little too much.  Oh, well!  They didn’t tease when the boys thought I was hot stuff because I was the only girl that could throw a perfect spiral OR when I taught half of my friends how to ride their own bike because I learned early.  And, to this day I am proud to say I have NEVER been thrown into a pool (yup, my daddy taught me how to inflict major pain on any boy stronger than me) and well … My dad can still beat your dad up 😉  I hope that one day Mia Grace comes home from school upset because her friends teased her about how cool she thinks her dad IS.  

Anyway, Paul is a great friend and he has such a special relationship with his daughter Sydney.  I was more than honored when he asked me to capture it.  I have a feeling Sydney will write some amazing things about her dad when she is my age and can look back and realize all the “talks” lectures her dad gives her actually served a wonderful purpose.  (hang in there Syd, I promise 😉 )  I could go on and on about these two forever. So, here are my favs from their little mini session.


The “uncomfortable” closeness paid off I think. (I need a longer lens 🙂 )

There’s no denying how Sydney views her dad with this picture.

Sorry for all the sun flare, but I just love it.  This next one is my favorite by a mile!  I think mainly because Sydney looks 13 here (not 17!)

And, of course I had to snap a few of sweet Sydney by herself. She is seriously so photogenic.  Every single picture I take of her, she just rocks it.  It’s just wrong how tall and beautiful you are, Syndey!  I can’t believe it.

and lastly, something very different from my normal stuff. I love shooting sessions with good friends bc I can always experiment in the end.


Love you guys!  Hope you enjoy your peek.

kimbrali: love love love that bw of her on her dads back! what a special relationship you were able to photograph. i think more people should do this!!! awesome images! (Dec 31, 2008 at 01:55 am)
MD: These are great pics of Paul and Syd. Especially the last one. That's really good. (Dec 27, 2008 at 22:28 pm)
Erin Carlyle: Crystal, these are AMAZING! (Dec 22, 2008 at 19:32 pm)