A Valentine’s Day Love Note

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day to you and everyone you’re gifting with a box of chocolate this weekend!

This month is a particular favorite of mine because, well…look at the name of my business. We’re all about love, emotion, and “feeling the feels” at Love, Me Photography. And by the way, the comma in “Love, Me” is no accident, friends. It’s intentionally placed, and meant to signify the ending of a letter.


Because I want you to know how deeply personal this business is for me. I am constantly aware of the fact that I’m not just taking a few photos of your kiddo—I’m capturing your son, and your daughter, at the most uniquely in-between stage of life. A moment when he’s getting ready to make the biggest leap he’s made to date; when she’s preparing to say “goodbye” to the way life has always been, and “hello” to a brand new set of experiences. And with everything in me, I want to capture this season in the most authentic way that I can.

And what’s more?

I want everything I do to feel like a love letter written just to you. There’s not another human being on the planet like your son or daughter. Sure, other guys play soccer. Yes, other girls have blonde hair. But nobody’s face lights up like his after scoring a goal. No one else can rock a messy top knot like she can. Similarly, while your son may share the same session location as another senior guy, or your daughter might insist on incorporating a prop inspired by Pinterest, their images will never look the same as anybody else’s. That’s because I’m going after what’s real, and true, and “uniquely you” about your senior.

I hope you can tell how passionate I am about this whole “senior photography” thing. What’s more, I hope you can tell that creating genuine connections is what makes my heart beat a little bit faster. My goal is not to deliver one or two frame-worthy shots after your senior’s portrait session is over and done with. I’m much more interested in getting to know the two of you, and becoming a source of encouragement for you, and providing you with as many helpful resources as I have to give, and—last but most definitely not least—putting together a collection of beautifully-captured moments you’ll treasure forever.

And speaking of encouragement, can I just take a moment to tell you what a wonderful job you’re doing? Truly! I know things can feel overwhelming this time of year, with all the to-dos and huge life decisions you’re helping your child make. It can be stressful punching numbers and looking at the cost of college these days, and even a little sad when you begin to envision how empty your kiddo’s room will feel at this time next year. Sweet Momma, I want you to realize something—if you’re feeling all of these things, that’s a sure sign you’ve done (and are doing) an incredible job raising up this child of yours. And this, my friend, is not the end—it is truly the beginning of a new and equally important journey in both of your lives.

I invite you to envision the future phone calls and coffee dates that will feel like time spent with a best friend that you deeply admire—a grown-up version of the tiny, helpless human being you once held in your arms. Sure, this particular season might be ending soon, but I promise…a new one is on the horizon, and I cannot wait for you to experience what it will feel like when your child tells their peers, “My mother is like my best friend!”



(That’s Crystal, for the record!)

PS: Download this cute + free Valentine’s card, print off a copy or three, and spread the feel-good stuff to everyone you love. Consider this my way of giving you a huge (virtual) hug this Valentine’s Day! After all, I’m a Texan. It’’s just what we do.

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