Taking senior portraits wasn’t always on my radar, but I’ve been working with teens for as long as I can remember. In college I was a backpacking guide for Wilderness Ranch, a Young Life camp based in Colorado, and I loved every adventure-filled minute. I even entertained the idea of studying to become a psychiatrist who worked with young adults … but O-Chem and Biology classes talked me out of following that particular career path. I soon realized that I’d like to follow in my father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and go into business for myself. It took the birth of my first daughter, however, to show me exactly what I wanted my business to look like.



from baby pictures to senior portraits


Like so many parents, when Mia Grace was born I wanted to capture every gorgeous moment of her new life and quickly-developing personality. There was just one problem: I couldn’t afford to hire the kind of photographer who would document our lives with the artistry I imagined. So I borrowed a camera from my parents and started teaching myself how to produce the kind of images I was looking for. Praise from friends and family turned into a promising start to a photography business—and with the purchase of a used camera and a $99 lens, Love, Me Photography was born.

Although my camera and equipment weren’t incredible, I wouldn’t trade those early days for anything. I relied on creativity to compensate for my lack of resources, became adept at capturing natural light, and abandoned poses and pretense in favor of photos that were—and continue to be—completely unique. While my equipment has changed, my foundation remains the same. Love, Me Photography is both my business and my calling, and I take joy in using my talent to capture what makes each of my senior clients so exceptional. When a camera isn’t in my hand, you’ll most likely find me spending time with my husband and our two daughters, traveling, coaching the girls’ basketball teams, and reading.

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Love, Me.