Client Love: Andrew | DFW/ Argyle Senior Photographer

My session with Andrew was another awesome senior guy shoot.  What a great great guy!  We had lots to talk about and so the time just flew by.  The last few shots were taken at the tennis courts with zero light, but I really do like how they turned out anyway. I think I may need to start my sessions a little earlier. I keep going on forever and ever until the sun goes down.  Andrew was a trooper scheduling his shoot the day after prom!  I’m starting to get to know lots of families in the Argyle area and so it was fun to talk about many of the girls and guys I’ve shot this past year and what they wore, etc.  So fun!  I’m a sucker for prom stuff. It brings back so many memories AND makes me realize how the years are flying by.  It feels like yesterday only my ten year reunion is next year!  Anyway, here are my favs of Andrew.  There were really SO many that I had a hard time choosing.

I just loved this shirt and how it matched his awesome green eyes.

andrew_0031blogI am a sucker for a musician.  I just love how all my shoots have involved guitars/ drums, etc. lately.  So so so cool.  Maybe its because I dont have a musical bone in my entire body.  But, I do LOVE music … especially an acoustic guitar, which Andrew plays of course (and quite well I might add).  I kept telling him I was going for album cover here.  I really love the vintage, rustic feel to these so they required some unique processing and unusual crops.

andrew_0071vintageblogI had him just play a little bit and in that moment I could have shot for hours.  It was so soothing and fun to shoot someone while they are using their talent while I do my thing. Loved it!


andrew_0202blogThere’s something about a good profile shot of a guy that I just love too. andrew_0186blogJulie, here’s the headshot I showed you on the back of my camera that I loved so much!


Something else that is meaningful to Andrew is his faith. It was encouraging to meet a young man who “own’s his faith” like he does … The authenticity of what he believes and the convictions he lives by were apparent and oh so refreshing for me.  Psalm 77 is his favorite verse.


Here’s a totally different shot than my normal work.  At the tennis courts (yes, he IS multi-talented!) the sun had pretty much set, but I just had to grab this shot before we ended and I love how it turned out.  Grain and all!


Hope you enjoyed your teasers!!!

Lauren: awesome and inspiring! (Apr 07, 2009 at 17:17 pm)
Erin Carlyle: Look at you coming back from Africa and rocking these sessions even more than before (and I didn't think that was possible)! These are GREAT! (Apr 03, 2009 at 16:01 pm)
Julie Morrison: Crystal - you are truly blessed with the gift of photography! I cried as I scrolled down and looked at the pictures of Andrew. Thanks again and can't wait to see more!! -Julie (Apr 03, 2009 at 15:29 pm)
Jamie Kutter: one of my favorite sessions that you have done to date! these images are dead them! (Apr 03, 2009 at 15:27 pm)