Client Love: Alisha |Decatur Senior Photographer

Good gracious this blog has been sleepy. Not for lack of good reason. There has been SO much that has happened this last year that its tough to know where to start. I had every intention of blogging about it, and still do in fact. I’ll need to back track quite a bit as to what’s been happening in my personal life as well as with Love, Me Photography! We are growing by leaps and bounds and though it may appear that I fell off the planet, I assure you, I have been busier than EVER.
In true perfectionist fashion I’ve been avoiding the starting over process with the blog because I just needed a new entry strategy. I basically came to the conclusion that my big plans are too lofty and it will never happen unless I just begin. That’s a huge life lesson I’ve learned slowly and its really started to sink in. All my ducks do not have to be a row before I “jump”! So, here I am living out the old phrase “action breeds action”. I’m hoping back on board with this blogging thing with every intention to fill you all in on all the fun things that have happened both with Love, Me and in my personal life. Until that happens, here is a GORGEOUS senior girl I photographed last year and never shared (there are PLENTY of these I assure you). This was one of my favorite sessions and I’m so thankful to be sharing it with you!

… Even if its a YEAR later 🙂

Meet Alisha. The girl with the turquoise eyes. And no, I did not color her eyes this way you crazy people 🙂

This is actually the layout of her gorgeous flush mount storybook she purchased! When you can’t decide … just get them all! This is one of my very favorite products for seniors.


It feels good to be back in the saddle again …

olga: these pictures are absolutely stunning! gorgeous girl! (Apr 20, 2011 at 14:33 pm)
Jamie Kutter: she has awesome eyes!!! I'm so glad your back to blogging! I've missed seeing all your gorgeous work!!! (Apr 19, 2011 at 20:28 pm)
Yvonne: Stunning session. Wow, you're not kidding about her eyes. GORGEOUS! Love the layout of her album. Perfect way to keep all the images! (Apr 16, 2011 at 08:10 am)