Client Love: Chandler | Decatur High School Senior Photographer

As I mentioned in my Good Morning, Lovely post, I recently went back to work from a wonderful maternity leave.  However, I worked pretty much right up to when little Ellie was born. It never dawned on me when I booked the sessions, how awkward it would be to shoot as I normally do!  It was pretty hilarious. I’m excited to share some of those sessions with you, including this lovely senior.

I was THRILLED when her mom contacted me to photograph her second daughter.  I photographed her eldest, Sutton, back in 2009. You can see her session, HERE. I loved working with her then, and I knew it would be the same this time. It was such a pleasure getting to know Miss Chandler.  Such a beautiful, smart and authentic young lady.  The perfect combination of outgoing and reservation … I adore that in my seniors, or any woman for that matter. As you can tell, she was super easy to photograph. I absolutely loved this session, and I hope you do too! I hope you’ll leave a comment for Miss Chandler to read 🙂 (I’ve recently been on the other side of the camera and now know what a blessing it is to hear from those who see images of you!) Hoping my clients can be as blessed as I have been by Tara Whitney fans.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW : (totally going to start adding a few of these to each post. Often, you may just see a particular image and not realize there is actually more meaning behind them.  I strive to not only capture pretty pictures of the beautiful people I have get to photograph, but to incorporate something meaningful in each session, including my seniors. Its often subtle … how I prefer it to be anyway.)

1. She spray painted her name to this local bridge where many of the upper classmen hang out.

2. The white fence line is the property where she grew up and holds lots of meaning for her. They recently moved and built a beautiful home, but this fence line, circles the property she spent her childhood. These are probably my favorite images for that reason.

Congrats, Chandler!

Crystal: Thank you Jessica. They are some of my all time favs! (Jun 10, 2012 at 22:16 pm)
Jessica Anderson: ohh love the ones of her in the blue dress in the field!!! (Jun 09, 2012 at 19:12 pm)