Easter Sunday … Revive Africa!

Happy Easter everyone.  Tonight is one of those nights where I just can’t sleep. My head is spinning with reflections from the last several weeks, and overflowing with gratitude for so many things in my life.  My family, my friends, my business, MY LORD.

A great friend of mine reminded me of a quote I hadn’t thought about in a long time … “life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards.” We are often told we are much alike so I think he knew how much I would value remembering a simple quote that puts a lot about life in perspective for me.  I love to be understood and to understand … people, my surroundings, circumstances, motive, life, God.  In fact, it really is an unsatiable desire of mine that is often misunderstood (pun intended) as stubborness, inquisitiveness, pride, and the like ;).  I am quite certain I was the 3 year old that never ceased with the questions because I can remember that I never quite stopped like most toddlers do.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that the normal lies we parents tell our toddlers to get them to stop asking questions didn’t ever satisfy me.  Dont feel too awful for my parents.  They had my brother and he never really talked much so it evened out. I can remember one particular instance coming home from third grade asking my poor mom while she was cooking all about how long it took to have a baby.  Well, because I adore my mother, I wont give all the details, but I will tell you that I asked several times and instead of lying, my mom simply ignored me.  That’s right, not a uh-huh, um, or ask your father flowed from her lips.  only silence.  dead silence.  AND … it works folks!  It was at that very moment I learned how to use my critical thinking skills and draw a conclusion on my own, without the validation from someone else.  Thus, breeding a little girl that was independent and had her own opinion about, well, just about everything.

Anyway, the real reason for me bringing up the quote that I was reminded about was because I wanted to mention how dissecting every little thing about my life and understanding it backwards is one of my favorite things to do.  Every single time I am in awe of God and how He has always worked for the good in all things in my life. Every decision, good or bad, every smile, every tear, every hug, every heartbreak … not ONE, has ever been wasted.  It has brought me more joy than anything I can remember in a long time to think about our decision for me to go to Africa and all that continues to unfold from that ONE simple act of obedience.  I felt called and I said “Yes” for once.  And let me tell you, it makes me want to say ‘yes’ every time.  If only someone had told me what happens when you say “Yes” … why didn’t someone tell me what happens when you say “yes”???  Maybe He did and I just didn’t listen.

One of the great manifestations of saying yes has been the opportunity to be a part of something that I believe with my whole heart will changes lives far beyond what I experience on this side of eternity.  You have to go check out the new Revive Africa website that just launched yesterday!  I have looked over every last little thumbnail, link, bio a million times today.  Taking in every last detail and basking in the joy that is exuded from the faces of those precious 86 little souls.  Having the priveledge to take their pictures is truly one of the highlights of my life so far.  Please, if you feel so led, sponsor a child. It is only 37 dollars a month or 444 a year and each specific child will see every single penny you give and it will make a real difference in their lives and yours as well!  And if you want to meet them in person and feel that tug in your heart, I would say “You MUST go” … you simply must.  Thank you to everyone.  my clients.  my family.  my friends.  thank you for continuing to support this journey.

And because a post would be really boring without a photo, here is one of my favorites from my trip.  These are “My Boys”.  Meet Alfred, Jonathan Bernard, and Christopher Bernard.  They stole my heart while I was in Africa and I dont think I can ever get it back!  If I could bring all three of these little guys home to become big brothers to Mia Grace, I would do it in a heartbeat.  To learn more about them, check out their short bios on the website!  You can even sponsor them too!  But you must tell them you heard about them from Mum Crystal 🙂 


Crystal: you are right eliza! that is EXACTLY what i want and feel led to communicate through my photos ... God and his redemption on their lives. you would never guess that these little boys witnessed the brutal murder of their parents would you? that, my friend, is only by the grace of God. thanks for your kind words of affirmation, dear sista. (Apr 13, 2009 at 09:36 am)
eliza: There is such beauty in their eyes. It amazes me that despite their challenges they manage to radiate light, love, and beauty. There's a song by India Arie that says, "I wonder if you really knew that I see God in you...K. that's how I feel when I see these images. I see God in them. You're so blessed to be able to capture their beautiful spirits. Xoxo (Apr 13, 2009 at 00:40 am)