Editable College Resume Template + Chapter 12 Launch

The confetti has been thrown, friends! Today marked the launch of Chapter 12, an online community that’s dedicated to helping high school seniors and their parents survive and thrive during senior year. I just pressed “send” on my first love note to group members, which included a short introduction, five organizational tips to make senior year a breeze, and a FREE college resume template.

Ever since transitioning my photography business to focus exclusively on high school seniors, I’ve noticed that senior year has this incredible way of turning everyday moms into high-powered Mom-agers—mom/manager blends that are capable of packing lunches, scheduling tutors, funding prom tickets, and mailing sorority recruitment packets all at the same time. Let’s face it: Senior year can be stressful. But it’s also such a sweet, special time filled with opportunities for connection. That’s why my goal for Chapter 12 is to answer as many questions as possible + help members maximize every meaningful moment on the horizon!

If that sounds right up your alley—and if you’d like to snag that free resume template I mentioned earlier—go ahead and click the picture below. By doing so, you’ll instantly receive the template and automatically become a Chapter 12 member!

Click Here to receive your free resume template!