Client Love: Rachel | Decatur senior photographer

Yes, two posts in two days. You just get ready! lol.

When Rachel told me her favorite place to shop was Urban Outfitters, I got reeaallly excited for our shoot.  I love love quirky/ vintage clothes, but I reallly love when it completely fits the person wearing them. It was obvious, this was totally HER.

On a side note to all my clients, I am always hesitant to give specific advice on what to wear, because there is nothing I dislike more than people being uncomfortable in what they have on. I dont want your friends and family to look at the images I take of your family and say, wow, that looks nothing like you!  A great example of this is my own family planning for our upcoming shoot with the UBER talented Jamie Kutter.  I love it when guys wear cool clothes (chucks, the whole loose tie on a short sleeve button up, etc.) BUT, if I made Mike wear something like that, he would hate the images forever. It would be too forced.  We are working on some things, like I bought him some BKE jeans and he FINALLY got some new shoes (thank the LORD).  Same goes for the cowboy boots and dresses trend. I love it and it photographs really well, but not every girl can pull this off!

So, just keep all of these things in mind when you put together your outfits for shoots with me 🙂  Look like the best version of YOURSELF, and leave the rest to me.

Anyway, back to Rachel.

I totally love these images. Your going to think I did something to her eyes, but I actually had to make sure I didnt touch them because they are naturally this GREEN.  Gorgeous.  She made my job look incredibly easy because she was such a natural in front of the camera. I even got to shoot on her families property at the end of our time together. I love finding at least one new location with every senior. It’s getting tough, but I am still on a roll. And I can’t not mention Rachel’s mom, Sheri, who was so great during the shoot.  Hanging out with these two was so easy and fun and I felt like I’d known them for years.  I love it when this happens!

So, check her out and leave her some love while your browsing!

This was her MOM’s dress … how cool huh? I think this is my favorite shot.

Chris: Wow! I love those gorgeous jade green eyes!! Awesome photography! (Jun 24, 2010 at 05:30 am)
Yvonne: These are so beautiful. The lighting is just perfect and she's relaxed and pretty! (May 28, 2010 at 07:51 am)