Client Love: Hunter | Argyle Senior Photographer

Lots of moms wonder if senior portraits are for boys. Just take a peek at my last few posts and you’ll see the answer is absolutely! I love photographing guys just as much as the girls … really. It could be that I truly would love to be a mom to a son one day (I have two girls!) and this is my way of living vicariously through my clients, or that I honestly believe with my whole heart that its so important to capture this special time before he leaves for school or life or whatever road is calling him.
Hunter’s mom really gets this and that’s why I was really honored she chose and trusted me to capture her son’s senior year. It was super important to her that his images were unique and that they captured the essence of who he is. She, like many of you, will soon have an empty nest. She’s enjoyed her older daughter’s senior portraits in her home while she’s been away starting her new life and she knew having authentic portraits of Hunter was just as important to her. Kelly was so fun to work with … many clients come to me and want me to “do my thing” and others want to be more involved. I love collaborating with moms, especially before the portrait session. Not only do I hope to facilitate a precious memory for the both of you during the session, I want the final images to be a genuine reflection of your child. Kelly will be able to look back and know what a vital role she played in creating these portraits.
Hunter is such a stud – a super intelligent kid with a clear direction of where he’s going and how to get there. He also suffered a back injury that kept him from playing football for his high school’s state championship team his senior year, and yet, Kelly shared how incredible his outlook has been through the whole thing. It’s obvious why he has tons of friends and several school’s hoping he’ll be wearing their colors next year! It was a real honor to photograph you, Hunter, and Kelly, thank you again for everything. Hey Momma, if you get bored next year, the offer stands for you to assist me at all my sessions!
It was tough narrowing down my favorites of him …