Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! I must admit that Valentine’s Day became way more fun when I had kids …
True to my slacker Mom form, I only have pictures of my oldest to share – because well, I had to get something together for her to hand out at school today.
I don’t think Ellie cares too much, and I’m trying not to care either. I’m learning to let go and try to celebrate the things I actually do accomplish in a day, instead of stressing over the zillion and one things I wish I’d been able to get to.
It’s tough when I have so many wonderful things in my head of what I want to do and I have people in my life who are so wonderful at making other people feel special … like my sweet office manager and one of my best friends, Monica, who despite stomach bug and a zillion other things going on in her world, manages to bring Valentine’s gifts to me and my girls yesterday when she came in to work. Not to mention, my husband, Mike, who left donuts and flowers and teddy bears with candy and an invitation for a “Dining Adventure” for us girls this morning, which he orchestrated while I was sleeping in.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m giving my girls the best gift possible … the gift of learning to love yourself (code for I totally didn’t get you anything!) Here’s to next year! xoxo

PS- Don’t you even think for a second I went and bought those balloons either. Those were courtesy of Franny, Ellie’s “Nanny” and my precious adopted Auntie –  who also manages to shower my girls with gifts at every holiday.