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Thank you for all your kind comments about my home.  My very talented friend, Lisa Ismert, is responsible ( I can’t take full credit) … I photograph her family, she makes my home happy … and me happy in the process. She is truly one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to introduce her here on the blog where she’ll be contributing and letting you all in on her little design secrets.  I’ll leave most of my gushing comments for her official introduction, however, I will say that what makes Lisa’s talent so special is that my home is not a reflection of her or her home. She helped me figure out my style and Mike’s style and how to bring it all together! If left up to me, stepping foot into my house could have been like a trip to the carnival! I am now super confident (ok, maybe not “super”) in this area and the principles she’s taught me have really encouraged so many other self motivated projects around the house.

We have been working together for quite some time and never really could nail down the perfect time to let the cat out of the bag. Now seems pretty appropriate. Stay tuned for more top secret projects 🙂 we have up our sleeve.

Anyway, it sure is a perk to have a talented friend. If you are interested in having her help you, you are in for a treat, as I’ve been encouraging her to do this for a few years!

Shoot her an email at … even if its just a style board, or help with one room or personal online shopping, she’s your woman. She lives in Colorado.  ( I have an amazing design firm recommendation if you are in DFW and want full hands on custom service … blog to come!)

Answers to your burning questions below 🙂 and I swear, not everything in my house is from Pottery Barn or Anthro. So funny that most of what people asked about were these things.  Lisa helped me incorporate splurges with plenty of cheap finds and spray painted stuff I’ve had for years!

Thank you again for all your kind comments about my family and home and your excitement for my amazing Tara images.  Go for it if you’ve been holding out … seriously, no regrets, she’s every ounce of amazing as you imagine!


Image ONE –

SOFAS | Pottery Barn Twill Metal Grey

CURTAINS| Anthropologie

Throw – Lisa picked up from Etsy … Link to come!

Image TWO-

BEDDING – Pottery Barn

FRAMES – ORGANIC BLOOM (My clients love these!)

Image THREE-

FELT RUG – total splurge … I’ve wanted it for three years 🙂 Baby Ellie made me do it 🙂

Image FOUR-

MUSHROOM| Anthropologie

TREE PILLOW – you can’t really see all of this, but its adorable.



You can see Tara’s blog of our family images HERE.

Styled by Lisa | DFW Newborn Photographer: […] in the whole world and the mastermind stylist who helped me with just about every detail of my HOME. We’ve been close friends for going on ten years now. She supported me when I applied to […] (Feb 24, 2015 at 22:11 pm)
Crystal: You are so welcome, Julia. Thank you for your kind words and note! I'd love to reply and I will when I get in from out of town! xoxox (Jun 10, 2012 at 22:17 pm)
Julia P.: Thanks for sharing your home! I just sent a direct email, please do not feel obliged to take time away from your beautiful family to respond, you were very generous to share this much info with this post! There is nothing like splurges, cheap finds & spray painted items when they are combined as effortlessly as they are here & are what you love! Thanks again! (Jun 08, 2012 at 20:44 pm)