just because.

Meet NaNa and Grandpa … my grandparents!  It was so special to me to get the opportunity to photograph them just before the holidays and even more special to finally open these up after the new year and edit them.  Several times today I laughed out loud or teared up a little.  These are the sessions that truly fill me me up and make me proud to do what I do.  

There was no specific reason behind our little shoot.  No milestone anniversary or picture needed for the newspaper … it was well, just because!  hence the title.  I think everyone deserves a “just because” session. It’s like saying my life and my relationships with those around me are important enough to be documented just because …  I love it.  I think its empowering and freeing and the images show.  

I just love my grandparents so much!  My NaNa is the hippest great-grandmother around and Grandpa Fred is one of those guys that’s just easy to be around (well, easy to everyone except my Nana, lol).  The whole session, he was being his normal self, acting like a goofball and cracking joke after joke.  I loved every minute of it.  I know my NaNa was a nervous wreck that he was going to look like a fool and more importantly, make her look like a fool 🙂  but I think they turned out wonderful.  Grandpa, all your craziness finally paid off I think 😉  I guess he is good for something NaNa!  He made you laugh and your smiles are so genuine and beautiful!  I guess we’ll have to keep him around after all.

and my favorite!

well, i dont know, maybe this next one is my favorite!

And of course, I just had to get a few of my beautiful NaNa by herself.  Don’t you think she is just gorgeous? 

I love you both so much.  Thank you for loving me like you do and for being so proud of me all the time.  Even when I don’t deserve it.  Hope you enjoy your pictures.  XOXOXO.

Eliza Boquin: I LOVED these when I first saw them. So beautiful. What a treasure for you and your family to have these! (Jan 26, 2009 at 13:40 pm)
Jamie Kutter: I'm so jealous of these pictures...I wish I could get some like this of mine! I know they will treasure these, but I think you will even more! (Jan 21, 2009 at 19:39 pm)
Erin Carlyle: Crystal, I love how you captured their relationship. What beautiful pictures!!! (Jan 17, 2009 at 07:45 am)
Jeana Bird: I love these images, I love how you captured their relationship. My fave is number 4, but they are all so beautiful! (Jan 12, 2009 at 18:46 pm)
Carole Marie: I love these! They are so fresh and fun, what cool grandparents you have :) (Jan 09, 2009 at 13:20 pm)
Kara May: Oh Crystal! Your grandparents are so hip and fun! They are going to TREASURE these! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! (Jan 09, 2009 at 07:29 am)