LMP Radio: A Valentine’s Day Playlist

I love music. I especially love music you can feel, and music that maybe even makes you want to dance.

Does anything make you catch “the feels” better than the perfect soundtrack?

In honor of this annual day of love, I put together (more than) a few songs to set your day to. There’s a little something for everyone — from Jack Johnson to Ray La Montagne, and even some artists you may not have heard of before. And don’t worry, it’s not all love and unicorns. I added a few songs that’ll make your toes tap and your hips swing, because sometimes you just have to laugh while you dance around the house or in the car at that red light.

This playlist doesn’t need anymore commentary from me, so go ahead and turn the volume up, feel the love, and maybe share it with your loves.


(p.s.- Isn’t Holli Foster adorable? I couldn’t resist sneaking this photo from her session into the very first LMP Radio post!)