Moments with Me – A look back at January


This January (or the New Year in general), I’ve been hearing God tell me to simplify… in every area including food and beyond.  It turns out that when I went to grab photos from Instagram for this month’s review, I realized I’d seriously “simplified” those too – whoops! I’m making a mental note to take more photos in February. Not every form of simplifying should mean reduction, but instead giving more unobstructed attention to what matters.

I have shared before that I use Instagram as a virtual and easy scrapbook to remember the details, the change, and the growth that happens almost unnoticeably. Moms, if you’re not using Instagram, hopefully the bed head, and the two beautiful girls (I’m totally and shamelessly biased) that take up almost every space of my personal account will inspire you to become an “Instagrammer.”

I’ll be sharing highlights here once a month from my personal account – bed head and sweet girls abundant – with you all. I’ll also be featuring peaks and previews on the Love, Me Photography account, too. You can follow along (you know, once you get set up and master the art of the selfie!) @LoveMePhotography and if you want to follow me personally you can do that @CrystalDelaHoz.

Here’s a glimpse at what January looked like for me…