Savvy Senior: How (and when) to Apply to College + Free College Application Timeline!

Happy back-to-school season! I know that many of you are just beginning your junior or senior year of high school, but today I’m going to ask you to peek into the future and start thinking like a college student. Why?

Because, believe it or not, your college journey doesn’t start in a year or two. It starts right now! There will be many stops along the way – AP classes and ACTs, resumes and essays, volunteer hours and senior award banquets – and they all revolve around one important event: College Application Day!

To help you on your journey I’ve worked with an expert (AKA, a stellar momma) to create a comprehensive timeline that’s sure to get you to and through your college applications. From scheduling your SATs, to compiling a standout college resume, to sending off your Recruitment Information Packets, we’ve got you covered. Get all the goods below!


Download our College Application Timeline to learn how and when to apply to college. Hint hint: our timeline starts in the fall of junior year! [Click button to download]

College Application Timeline

Create a completely custom, totally professional College Resume. [Click button to navigate]

College Resume

Design a Recruitment Information Packet that matches your style. [Click button to navigate]

Recruitment Information Packet

Thanks for taking a quick peek at the future with me today! Now go ahead and get back to enjoying every second of this present moment knowing that you’re as prepared as possible for all that’s to come!