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This post, like all the recent ones, is loooong overdo.  Many photographers would agree that going back to a session that you shot weeks before is sometimes difficult.  I dont know what it is, but there is something about opening up brand new files that you just shot and choosing your favorites.  I guess that excitement is sometimes lost.  That was NOT the case for me with this gorgeous family!  Even though I was really sick this morning, re-opening these files and choosing my favorites to blog was so much fun!

I truly loved this session.  It was a challenge for me for sure.  Anytime you have three kids 4 and under … you are in for a challenge I’d say!  It was a perfect mixture of a “portrait” session, getting those headshots I just love AND a more lifestyle shoot. At the end, we stripped off the dresses and got to play!  It was fun.  Here are the results.

Get ready to swoon over these kids. They are just beautiful!

First up is 4 year old Nadia.  Those blue eyes and pink lips are just to die for!


Next up, little sister Tatiana. Seriously, the most gorgeous red locks ever … coupled with a perfect sprinkle of freckles.  Not sure it gets any cuter that this …


Oh, wait.  It just might get even cuter.  With a cool name like Kurt and looks like this, I think his parents are really in for it!


and … the whole bunch.  My favorite of the family series.


The sister shots ….

First, the lovely and perfectly sweet duo.


Next, the silly and crazy pair! XOXOXO.

Untitled-2My absolute favorite of all the images.  Black and White won the long battle.  It was hard to decide.

So many things that make me want to jump up and down about this shot (and I’m not even their momma 🙂 ).  I love how Nadia’s mouth is wide open!  This was quite the trend in many of the images which tells me, this is so her.  I equally love how Tatiana is looking straight at big sis and following her lead (awww) and of course, who on earth wouldn’t adore Kurt’s massive ear to ear grin.  I want to print this massive for my own house!  As a mom, this would make me squeal with delight every day.


and, just in case you thought my job was really easy because of all the beautiful kids I get to photograph, I just wanted to give you a little insight into my time with Mr. Kurt.  While he NEVER stops smiling, he majorly played hard to get … literally.  I finally ended up playing chase Kurt and hide and seek with my camera (which often leads to blurry images 🙂 )  I think I won out as this is who he is … he is the busiest little guy I’ve met so far.  And I even got a hug at the end of our session, which apparently he doesn’t hand out generously to strange women he meets.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes little man!

Angela: Gorgeousness captured and locked... to be cherished. (Aug 07, 2009 at 14:40 pm)
Nicole Schepers: What a fabulous job Crystal!! We love them! You were able to get Nadia's pretty smile, Tatiana's sweet look and Kurt's smirk!! That is talent! We are referring you to everyone!!! (Aug 06, 2009 at 19:00 pm)
Erin Carlyle: Crystal ~ you are a true talent! Love this session. My favorite is the one where they are all hugging. LOVE IT!!!! (Aug 06, 2009 at 13:44 pm)