Why Investing in Quality Senior Portraits Matters (for your son AND for you)

Calling all moms of boys! This blog post is especially for you – I would speak directly to your sons as well, but for some reason I’m thinking they’re not going to be into the idea of sitting down to read a lovey-dovey blog post. Just a hunch (wink wink).

I’m the momma of two girls, and since that’s the only experience I can speak to personally, that’s exactly what I’ll do. So here’s what I know: It’s pretty easy for me to find ways to engage with my daughters. We can get our nails done. We can go to Starbucks and curl up with chai tea lattes. We can play dress-up, we can put pink streaks in our hair, and we can go to Taylor Swift concerts with our friends (in fact, we just did that very thing – and it will be talked about and relived in our household for the next 365 days to come, minimum). I also know that when it comes to taking pictures, my girls are armed and ready with a smile and a pose, no “say cheese” or squeaky toy required. Does this have something to do with the fact that their mom is a photographer? Definitely. But I think it also has something to do with the fact that, plain and simple, they’re girls. It’s fun to dress up. It’s fun to have your picture taken. And it’s really fun when you get to do both all at one time.

I’ve heard rumors that, in many cases, the photo-taking experience is just not the same with little boys – because who wants to stand still for an hour when you could be running around with a Nerf gun, right? And, as I’m sure you all know too well, little boys soon become big boys. Big boys who turn into high school seniors. High school seniors who really and truly need to have their portraits taken but can’t stand the idea because, well…who wants to stand still for an hour when you could be running around with your friends, or watching football, or doing anything other than having your picture taken?

I get it. I really do. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give my senior guys a free pass to skip out on quality senior portraiture. And here are four reasons why:

  1. No matter what they say, I think guys enjoy being in the spotlight for a few minutes. Especially when they bring a prop along that represents the activity they most enjoy. From strumming the guitar to showing off soccer skills, my guys shine during their sessions when they forget about taking pictures and just do their thing, in their own element…with plenty of applause and words of affirmation from mom + photographer to follow, of course.
  2. This is the most “involved” he’s ever going to be – and he’s going to want to remember it later. Unless your son is on track to become a professional athlete, chances are that high school graduation will mark the end of his competitive sports career. Sure, he might play club rugby or pick-up basketball, but that “Friday Night Lights” feeling will soon come and go. He’s going to think back on these memories fondly, and you’re going to want a photo of him in his letter jacket to help remember them, too.
  3. The next time he’ll have his picture taken solo will likely be his wedding day. Not to make you cry, but…#BreakOutTheTissues. This is the truth, mommas. He’s not going to arrange weekend photoshoots with his friends just for fun during college (like I may or may not have done a time or two). If he gets a picture taken at his fraternity formal, it will only be with his date. As for his formal fraternity portrait? His chapter president is not going to send a letter home with him so that you can order copies, I can promise you that. That being said, I can’t encourage you enough to invest in quality portraiture now, while he’s still living at home and years away from sporting a wedding band on his left hand.
  4. Senior portraits are a chance for both of you to slow down and savor time spent together. One of my senior moms told me her son didn’t talk much on the way to the shoot, but that afterward he was talking her ear off – the most he’s shared with her in months! That is just the coolest thing to me. Like I mentioned before, if I want to connect with my daughters, we set aside “girl time” for nails, movies…anything! But from what I’ve heard, finding ways to connect one-on-one with your son gets more challenging as the years go by. So hear me loud and clear: THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. To help pick out his clothes again (because we both know he’s going to ask for your opinion). To be his biggest fan (because chances are, you’re the only member of the family who’s going to gain admittance to his session). To cherish a blissful 90 minutes sans phone, friends, schedules, and plans (and to steal a few photos together after his solo shots have wrapped). Sure, you want this time with him – but he needs it, too. So steal it. Take this opportunity. And then capitalize on it by sneaking in a Starbucks run or a mom-and-son movie date after our session has concluded (just saying).

Last but not least, I hear from a LOT of moms that their sons are not too happy on the way to pictures but on the way home they say something along the lines of, “That wasn’t so bad” or “I kind of liked having my picture taken.” So, have I convinced you that quality senior portraits for him are a treasure worth investing in? If so, be sure to click here to check the status of the Love, Me Photography session calendar. I just opened spring session dates and available slots are already flying – be sure to snag yours today!

See what other boy moms are saying about a session with Love, Me Photography!

April Music – son Josh

I was very pleased with my final senior photo book and the grandmothers loved theirs as well—my books will probably be even more treasured 20 years from now when I reflect back on this time with Josh. I liked that Crystal and my son, Josh, made his wardrobe selections together. She really captured who Josh is.

Michelle Langenbahn – son Conor

Crystal does a great job of capturing the student in their element. I love the athletic shots of my son Conor and the genuine smile on his face; Crystal was able to make the photos natural but stunning. She is able to work with students, especially the boys, and capture them looking relaxed and happy to be there.

Meg Hinkley – son Michael

My son, Michael, is usually not keen on having his picture taken, but Crystal made the photo shoot so fun. I liked the unique locations where the photos were shot and how Crystal captured Michael. It was also great having him in different clothing and in different environments. I LOVE the pictures Crystal took of Michael and me together. I can’t tell you how sweet that picture is and what it means to me. In a competitive field, you have a gift. You easily connect with the kids and you capture them well. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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