Styled by Lisa | DFW Newborn Photographer

As promised, I wanted to officially introduce Lisa, one of my very best friends in the whole world and the mastermind stylist who helped me with just about every detail of my HOME. We’ve been close friends for going on ten years now. She supported me when I applied to guide backpacking trips through Young Life’s Wilderness Ranch in my early twenties, she was the single person I confided in when I “knew” I had met my husband (she knew before Mike did, LOL), she stood beside me at my wedding, and from a distance (she lives in Colorado) we have supported and loved each other through marriage and motherhood trying to tackle what it means to be faithful women to a God we have grown to love and trust as He has manifested His goodness and sovereignty over and over in both of our lives.

We also share a love of all things pretty, donuts, and not washing our hair (read: horse mains) for several days (oops, did I just reveal that?) – speaking of Lis, remind me to tell you about a secret product I just found that allows us to go even looonger … nice.

She’s also the only person I’ve ever “seriously” sang to … the verdict: while I’m not tone def, I apparently sound exactly like any 4 year old little girl when I sing.  (Lisa is a beautiful singer by the way).

With that, Lisa and I have partnered to provide my clients with personal styling for their sessions as well as for the portrait art in their home. She’s going to start contributing to the blog along side me as she shares her design and style secrets and finds, we show before and afters of my home remodel, share sessions she has styled as well as portrait displays in clients homes. She’s also available to commission for your personal interior design project. Simply shoot her an email at if you are interested.

I couldn’t think of a better way to “officially” introduce my dear friend, than to share her precious baby boy’s newborn session from January. Van (cool name, huh?) was born just two days after my Ellie on December 31st. Lisa was in town with her family for a few weeks after his birth (and she’ll share why next post!), so I was super duper honored to get to photograph him when they came over for a visit. This is a tiny sample of what happens when we collaborate … and this was SO last minute (I mean, I had just given birth a week before! yikes!) And I was sooooo sore the day after his session … but I think it was worth it.

Some of you would recognize Lisa from my blog … she and her precious family have graced it a few times HERE and HERE and HERE … (in case you are dyyyiiiing to see what she looks like!)


Meet Van … and his adorable big sister Campbell Jane.


Leave us a comment, if you feel so obliged … we’d love to hear what your dying to know, see, etc.!

lisa ismert: Crystal, Thank you from he bottom of my heart for your super kind words. I delight in our friendship and am so very thankful for how God has used you to refine me. (Jun 22, 2012 at 14:36 pm)
Adrienne: Two beautiful kids and a beautiful friendship between the two of you. Miss Pat would have loved to read that blog post and see how you guys have encouraged and blessed each other. Oh and I love dry shampoo too. :) (Jun 21, 2012 at 20:58 pm)