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I sure hope you all are blessed with a friend like Sarah.  You know … the completely selfless, call in the middle of the night, laugh until you cry, say anything no matter how absurd kind.  I know, I know, she’s a rare gem!  Um … I found her, so go find your own.

Honestly, though, I just wish I could find the words to truly describe her, but I would fail miserably. And if she lived here, I’d actually hope you would get the opportunity to meet her because you sure would be blessed!  Sarah and I used to be roomies before she got married and I went to play in the woods [I meant that literally … I used to guide backpacking trips in Colorado].  Anyway, we became fast friends and I can shamefully say she is the only friend I’ve ever kept up with long distance.  I am such a here and now kind of girl.  I think the thing I like about her most is that I can completely be myself around her and she totally draws out this side of myself that I thought I lost at like 12.  Seriously, imagine crazy polka dancing for hours without one ounce of alcohol OR covering yourself with Peanut Butter and Jelly just to get High School kids to listen about Jesus.  Again, I’m being totally literal.

Anyway, now I’m weepy … 

On another note, her family totally ROCKS.  So, Meet the Ballmers (sweet last name I know!).  Benji, Sarah, Dance, and Acie.  I took some family pics while they were in Texas over the holidays.  They currently reign from Findlay, Ohio!  Here are my favorites [read: a ridiculous amount.  i have a serious over sharing problem with friends and family].

I know there are SO many of Dance.  Isn’t she just precious??  AND she is as cool as her name.  If a three year old was ever way cool, its Dance.  I remember when Sarah told me her name right after her birth and I was like “Dance … like the verb?”  Then I remember thinking, only Sarah and Benji could get away with naming their baby Dance and I knew she would totally live up to the name.  She is WAY cool 🙂 

This next one makes me laugh SO hard.  If you only knew Sarah you would know why this is funny.  As I was editing these pictures I almost choked bc this is the EXACT terribly ugly face that Sarah makes.  Sorry guys, I had to post it.

And this next one is a new personal favorite.  I couldn’t decide if I like bw or color.  I can’t tell you exactly why … I just love it so much.  It’s just real. genuine. soulful.  i dont know but it makes my heart happy.

Dance modeled for me while Benj and Sarah took care of Acie the stud. While they were home they ALL got SO SO SO sick.  Sarah comes from a family of six kids who are ALL married and all but one couple has kids.  Actually she is Rachel’s sister in law!  Anyway, the WHOLE family was really sick over Christmas and Acie had a major blow out at the shoot.  So, I took Miss Dance off by myself and this is what she gave me.  I love you Dance. Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Her modeling pose … hysterical!

and then little man came back as happy as ever!  Seriously, he. never. cries.  S.T.U.D. (oh and he weighed 11 pounds at birth!) Maybe I should say Sarah is the stud, lol.  Yes, my beautiful friend gave birth to an 11 pound baby boy just 5 months ago.  Oh, and with ZERO pain meds.  I know right … she deserves an academy award.

Farewell my dear dear friends.  I love you guys so much!

Erin Carlyle: These are AMAZING!!!!!! (Jan 27, 2009 at 16:43 pm)
Tracy Routh: What an amazing session! The dad/daughter hug.....heart melts!!!! (Jan 27, 2009 at 16:35 pm)
monica p: Crystal, these are stunning--gorgeous family. How on earth did you get all the family members smiling and looking in the same direction in so many shots? The ones of Dance by the train are Kara-esque, but definitely your own. I love watching how your art is unfolding and how it gets better with every frame. I'm a big fan! (Jan 27, 2009 at 07:14 am)
Eliza Boquin: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! (Jan 26, 2009 at 13:37 pm)