Client Love: Taylor | Decatur Senior Photographer

Told you I had LOADS to share 🙂

Check out this adorable senior!  Taylor is the cutest thing ever … loads of spunk and personality with a killer smile and an infectious laugh!  She brought along her pride and joy, Mercy and I absolutely LOVE the images with her.  Talk about a dog that is ROTTEN 🙂  I have never seen a dog so loved.  Speaking of dogs, I’m becoming quite the animal photographer!  I love shooting animals with their “owners/ parents” … so cute.

Taylor is also an awesome singer/vocalist, which I think is about the coolest thing ever. Anytime I’ve ever played that game where you say what talent you wish you had, I always say I wish I could sing OR run reeaaallly fast 😉

I love loved the locations for Taylor’s shoot.  A HUGE thank you to the James Wood family who allowed us to shoot on their gorgeous property.  I have more from another adorable senior whose photos were taken their as well.

I told you James Wood’s property was gorgeous!

A favorite favorite spot … I looove blurry concrete 🙂

and a special place for Taylor … the “secret” dock where her friends hang out.  Love that it is meaningful!

I wanted to share Taylor’s Canvas storyboard, which happened to be one of my very favorites of the year! Nearly every senior I photograph purchases one of these works of Art, and this digital representation does them NO justice.  I love that the design is classic and gorgeous and something that will last a lifetime! Oh and every one is absolutely 100% unique, so again, it reflects each client!

I loved meeting you Taylor (and Jodi!) Your session was so much fun and I wish you many blessing in your bright future!!

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