Another Thursday, another throwback session that I’m so excited to finally share! What’s really humbling about my job is that I constantly get to work with people who inspire me. While I hate that I didn’t get to share these images when they were current, I’m loving doing these throwback posts because they give me the opportunity to reflect, remember, and celebrate each (former) senior one more time…and an excuse to stalk them all on Instagram and see what they’re up to now. Pretty cool to see all that they’re out there accomplishing, to say the least!

You may not be able to tell in the photos, but Allison’s session was SO cold…but she was such a trooper (until the last fifteen minutes or so, ha!). Her session was unique because her mom, Marcy, and her dad, Greg, both came along to join in the fun.

I have to admit that most of the time, dads are better off skipping the two-hour session and focusing on the final result of all the effort that goes into the photoshoot (and the money spent to make it happen) – his baby girl looking gorgeous! But every once in a while, there are instances when it’s really just better that dad comes along for the ride. Greg was that kind of dad, and Allison’s session was all the better for his presence!

I loved Allison’s energy and occasional “sass,” and I also loved that she brought her big, fun personality to the session. She had so much trust in me to do whatever I thought was best. She’s such a strong and beautiful girl, and her session ended up being a first for me in one way in particular. While I usually twist and turn my girls throughout shoots, Allison was concerned that her severe scoliosis would show up in the images, so we adapted the shots to fit her body. I’ve loved keeping up with Allison through social media, and was so inspired to see that she had a massive back surgery during her first year of college at ACU! I can’t even imagine having so much on my plate as a college freshman, but she did it…and she’s grown two inches post-surgery! Truly amazing.

Since our session, I’ve photographed Allison’s whole family, designed and installed a floor-to-ceiling heritage gallery wall filled with images from their family tree (seriously…they have the best looking family ever), and have also taken business headshots for Marcy, Marcy’s team, Greg, and thirty of Greg’s co-workers.

Quick side note for anyone in the area looking to buy or sell: Marcy is a realtor and her agency is The Barkemeyer Group. While I specialize in photographing seniors, Marcy is so persistent and kind (and SO good at making me feel like the absolute greatest) that she convinced me to tackle those headshots for her. She sold me on stepping outside of my usual realm of work, so I have a feeling she’s pretty darn good at her job…wink wink.

Clients like the Barkemeyers are truly special, and I’m so honored to have played a part in their lives over the last few years.

Birdville High School class of 2014
Session Location: Fort Worth, Texas

With love,