why Moms love love, me photography

Locations as unique
as your senior

Formal studio shots just aren’t for us. Why? Because there’s an element of sameness about photos taken in front of a backdrop that’s, well, the same as everyone else’s.

We believe that every senior is completely, beautifully unique, which is why we’re so passionate about scouting new and different locations for our outdoor-only photo shoots. From the Friday night lights of a football stadium to a perfectly artsy alleyway, we’re adept at matching the aesthetic of our locations to the individual tastes, preferences and personalities of our clients.

“My biggest concern was finding the perfect place for the session.”



Booking Options that
Fit Your Schedule

We’ve noticed that senior year has this incredible way of turning everyday moms into high-powered Mom-agers—mom/manager blends that are capable of packing lunches, scheduling tutors, mailing sorority recruitment packets, and funding prom tickets all at the same time. While we’re more than impressed, we by no means want to add to your stress. That’s why we offer moms the opportunity to book“ senior portraits up to six months in advance. It’s also why we’ll do everything we can to get a last-minute date on the books if senior portraits happen to slip your mind until, say, two weeks before graduation announcements need to be mailed. For more information on booking, be sure to check out our How to Book page.

“Crystal worked with our busy life to get our photo shoot scheduled.”



An Investment you’ll
treasure forever

We don’t want to make you cry, but … think about it this way: After your child’s senior photo shoot, the next time he or she is likely to have professional portraits made is during an engagement session (of the love-and-marriage variety). Crazy, we know! But that’s the reason we’re such strong advocates of quality senior portraiture. Senior year often plays out like a movie on fast-forward—one that pauses just long enough for you to ponder, “Where did the time go?” It’s our joy to capture this uniquely in-between stage of life, and to produce the heirloom quality portrait products that will help you remember it for years to come.

“My biggest concern was the cost … but Crystal is an ultimate professional and I knew I’d get what I paid for.”