The Twincesses | DFW Childrens Photographer

This post is looooong overdue. Many of you will see these precious faces and feel like you’ve seen them.  They are a couple of my favorite little girls in the world! Their little faces are plastered all over my studio and my website and facebook, however, I haven’t ever shared a whole session!!  I first met these two back in 2009 for their first birthday! Their momma contacted me after she had been on the search for the girls very first professional photo session.  Of course, she turned to Facebook (duh!) for answers where she put out a question asking her friends and family for referrals. You can imagine how many she received 😉 One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received from a client was in this instance. Neely browsed all the websites from each referral and chose to contact me based on my portfolio (imagine that!). It sounds so silly, but I think our growing relationship is really based on Neely’s diligence to find a photographer whom’s work she truly loved, and now, her loyalty to have me photograph the girls each year (and several in between) on their birthdays.  So, when I get questions from other photographers about how on earth I can get two little one year olds, or two year olds (with more energy and personality than you can imagine!) to “pose” or both look my way, etc. I really contribute it to our “friendship”. The girls know me and they trust me and while we’ve been known to have looong sessions, I can truly get what I need in just 20 minutes from them if necessary!

So, here is part one of the Twincesses … stay tuned while I showcase their other sessions so you can watch them grow! AND, hear more of my heart about their momma and their sweet grandma, Nanny K.  I need some time to formulate words to express what these two ladies mean to me.  They truly are why I do what I do and continue to push me to become not only a better photographer and businesswoman, and most importantly, person.

Here’s a flashback to the Twincesses turning ONE! (With non other than their album layout. They purchase TWO of these each year, one for mom’s house and one for Nanny K’s house … ultimately, they will belong to both Madi and Livi).


Natalie Clayshulte: So darling! I love the tub. Beautiful images!! (Sep 15, 2011 at 14:01 pm)
Kristen Duke: Oh my goodness...SO cute! I love that for now the albums are with mom and nanny, but eventually will go to them. What a great idea to plan ahead! Great to meet you this past weekend! (Sep 12, 2011 at 08:55 am)