Throwback Thursday: Conor’s Senior Portrait Session in Grapevine

I mean, look at handsome Conor. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph this kid? Aside from those good looks, what struck me about Conor is that he sincerely exuded integrity and lots of heart in the few short hours I spent with him. Initially Conor seemed a little shy or reserved, but I knew at some point I really wanted to get some great smiles out of him.

At the end of our session, once he had a soccer ball in his hands, I recognized his true passion and those fantastic smiles naturally followed. Conor is now playing soccer in Colorado, and I LOVE keeping up with him through his Mom, Michelle, on Facebook. He seems to be handling the whole college thing really well…I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Remember that integrity I mentioned before? I had the opportunity to witness it again later in Conor’s senior year, when I photographed Grapevine Faith’s prom. I took a group “senior guy” picture, and to be honest, several of the guys were spending a lot more time cutting up than they were listening to my instructions (imagine that, right?). As Monica and I struggled with the task of wrangling 40 or so boys on prom night, Conor spoke up alongside several other soccer players and helped us regain control of the group. While I can’t remember exactly what he said, the respect he inspired in the group was clear. I was impressed by the courage he demonstrated in speaking up and the strong leadership qualities he demonstrated.

Way to go, Michelle—you raised this guy right! Your son is sure to succeed no matter where life takes him, and I’m so thankful that I had the chance to capture just one special milestone in his life!

Faith Christian School Class of 2014
Shoot Location: Grapevine, Texas