Throwback Thursday: Jordan’s Industrial, Dance-Inspired Senior Portrait Session in Dallas

I don’t play favorites, but…there is just something about photographing a dancer. Especially one as insanely talented and beautiful as miss Jordan! And then to juxtapose all of a dancer’s poise and grace with the hard lines and rough edges of an empty industrial space in Dallas? It’s almost too much to handle! Above and beyond the visual inspiration I gained from Jordan’s session, though, was the encouragement I took from getting to know her heart. Because of young women like Jordan, I feel more hope than worry when I think about the future. Her resolve to follow her dreams of becoming a professional ballerina inspired me during her session and her journey continues to inspire me today—these days, when she’s not in pointe shoes, she’s authoring a successful lifestyle blog!

The entire time I photographed her and watched her dance, I just thought, God surely created you to do exactly this. I’m so proud of you for pursuing your passion and look forward to seeing where life takes you next, Jordan!


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