Throwback Thursday: Maddy’s Confetti-Filled Senior Portrait Session in Dallas

Does this face look familiar? I’m guessing it probably does, because Maddy has made an appearance in several styled shoots for both LMP and Sorority Packets! Before all of those, though, came Maddy’s senior portrait session. And oh my goodness, do I have a lot to say about that! But first, the backstory.

I first met Maddy because she was my daughter’s acting coach. I’m pretty sure Mia Grace worked her marketing skills with Miss Maddy, because she came out of class one day saying, “I told Miss Maddy she should hire you, Mommy, to take her senior pictures!” Anyone who knows me will get that this is soooo out of my comfort zone. Mia Grace was actually in school for a few years before anyone even knew what I did for a living—and yes, I realize this makes me eligible to receive an “F” in any and every advertising class on the planet, but I’ve just never wanted to be that person who walks around handing out business cards. Anyway, I was pretty embarrassed, but also proud of Mia Grace because I reeeeealllly wanted to photograph Maddy! Just from watching her with the kids, I knew her personality was huge and that we would have so much fun creating unique portraits together.

In the summer of 2016 I had the privilege of taking Maddy and a few other recently-graduated senior girls on a Young Life Wilderness Trek (and I may or may not have a small framed picture of us on top of a mountain sitting on my bedside table). 🙂 Through photoshoots, backpacking trips, and breakfast meet-ups, we’ve truly become friends. Last week she even made time to help me with my non-existent acting skills while on fall break from Tulane!

Now, about her SENIOR session (which is the reason why I started this blog post in the first place). Confetti has become a big trend in senior portraits because of everything it signifies about happiness and celebration, but Maddy managed to incorporate it in a way that felt so unique to her. Paired with a messy bun and overalls, it couldn’t have looked or felt more natural…despite the fact that we were shooting in a parking lot! From classic Audrey Hepburn to sleek urban glam, Maddy rocked every single look. Needless to say, this shoot (and this girl) are forever favorites in my book.


Maddy Haynes collage 1 Maddy Haynes collage 2 Maddy Haynes collage 3Maddy Haynes collage 4 Maddy Haynes collage 5 Maddy Haynes collage 6 Maddy Haynes collage 7