• LMP Radio: the soundtrack your perfect day needs

    So, you finally found the perfect shoes to match that dress you’ve had hanging in your closet for WEEKS now, your hair + make-up style has been meticulously chosen (did you use any of our tips?? We want to see!!), and you have a killer date (girlfriends totally count)… you know what you’re missing?

    The tunes to get you and your girls dancing and singing while you spend your day primping and pampering!

    The latest in LMP Radio is your Prom Playlist. Tell us what you think on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #LMPRadio! Have any requests for next month? We want to hear them.. or read them ;) !

  • Prom-spiration: Hair and Makeup Ideas

    April is flying by, meaning a super-significant event in the lives of all my favorite seniors is just around the corner: prom! By this point I’m thinking you may have snagged the perfect gown, but I’m guessing that all things makeup-and-hair are still up in the air. Whether you’re going glam, classic, boho, or somewhere in between, our team has compiled three prom-spiration boards that are sure to resonate!

    Look 1: Glamorous Up-Do

    Your gown is glittering, you’re wearing four-inch heels, your clutch is covered in Swarovski crystals, and your earrings are shaped like chandeliers. One: We SO feel your style, girl. Two: We see an up-do as the perfect accent for all that gorgeousness.


    Glamour Updo


    photos: Pop Sugar,  Cosmo, Amber Rose, Glamour


    Look 2: Classic and Curled

    Is a chiffon dress in icy blue à la Grace Kelly calling your name? We’ve got a few ideas when it comes to your mane. Think soft, beachy waves worn either up or down—the calling card of every Greek goddess.


    Classic Curls


    photos: Right HairstylesHer Interest, Divine Caroline,  Brit.Co


    Look 3: Boho Braids

    You’re a California girl living in a non-coastal world. We get it, and we dig it. Pair your floral-print frock and golden Kendra cuff with one of these styles, then say it with us: braids for days.


    Boho Braids


    photos: Style Bistro,Byrdie, Missy Sue, and Fox

    Feel like going for a DIY ‘do? We’re so glad to hear it! Here’s a half-up, half-down tutorial + a few words of advice from LMP’s resident photo shoot stylist, Monica!

    No doubt that prom is one of the best nights of your life and should be absolutely perfect….just like you! Whether you want to glam it up or stick close to what your normal make-up routine is everyday, there are a few tips that will help you look picture perfect for prom night.

    Decide what your focus will be…your eyes or your mouth, and pick one of those to play up. One of the most common mistakes ladies make is highlighting both features. Pick the one people compliment you on the most and then go for it! If you want the focus on your lips, you’ll want to go bright. Red and dark pinks are great choices for prom, keeping your eye makeup soft and simple.

    If you want to focus on your eyes, go all out with a heavier liner, bold, sparkly shadows (Urban Decay has some amazing colors) and false eyelashes. Brows are also a HUGE component, whichever route you choose! Whether you’re wearing soft eye makeup or decide to be daring, a well-defined brow makes the biggest difference. My favorite eyebrow products are by Anastasia and can be purchased at Ulta. If you’re unsure about applying the products or what you need, ask a salesperson to help and they will be happy to pick the perfect color for you and show you how to use them to frame your eyes to perfection!

    Keep your foundation simple and make sure to choose a shade that closely matches your skin tone, blending well along the jawline. Finish with powder to keep the shine away. Urban Decay and Tarte both make BB creams that I absolutely love and create a beautiful finish! Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder is a less expensive favorite and gives a flawless look as well.

    Depending on your look, the cheek color should be natural (with a smoky eye) or a dewy, darker pink (with a natural eye). Nars is my personal favorite brand (it can be purchased at Sephora).

    The weeks before prom can be a crazy time and there are so many choices to make, from hair and makeup, to the perfect dress and shoes. There’s no one “right or wrong” way to do everything and ultimately, no matter how you style yourself, the most important thing to do is have fun and dance the night away!

    For more beauty-related tips and tricks, be sure to snag a copy of our digital Hair + Makeup guide! We can’t wait to see those prom pictures start rolling in!

  • LMP Love Dare: Start a Memory Journal For Your Senior

    I heard a beautiful story the other day that included a brilliant idea I simply couldn’t wait to pass on to my LMP mommas. Ready to hear it?

    Once upon a time, a momma started a journal at the beginning of her daughter’s senior year and continued writing entries in it through graduation day. She included the highs and lows of her daughter’s year, verses of Scripture, inspirational thoughts she came across, and reflections of her own that she wanted to pass on for posterity. She also cut out articles she thought would be beneficial and pasted in photos she knew her daughter would treasure. And then she wrapped up that little journal book in gorgeous paper and presented it to her beloved daughter as a graduation present. The daughter said that it was absolutely one of her favorite gifts ever; that it wasn’t just a journal with lined paper and words tied up with pretty ribbon but her mom’s heart—written on each and every page—that was placed in her hands. I don’t know about you, but I’m crying my eyes out over here as I recount it to you! This particular gift stands out as such an amazing expression of love and commitment to me because, let’s face it, time can be at a premium senior year. From what I hear, just remembering to write a grocery list is cause for a pat on the back…am I right?

    Alex Arthur

    With that in mind, rather than laying a guilt trip on you—and, as we all know, there’s no guilt like mommy guilt!— I’m here instead to encourage my LMP mommas to take that idea and make it their own.  So what if it’s April and you’ve only got a few weeks left? Start now and call your journal “Final Thoughts on Your Senior Year,” or something to that effect. The point to me (and one I hope to remember when my babies are looking at senior year…yikes!) is for our children to have, in our own words and handwriting, thoughts that will be preserved long after they’re grown and gone.

    Okay, Kleenex used. Back on task. “Where do I begin?” you might ask. Here’s my answer: purchase that journal, pick up a pen, and get started with these prompts:

    • What would you say to your 18-year-old self? What are some of the things you know now that you wish you’d known then? Chances are your 18-year-old son or daughter will benefit from hearing those pearls of wisdom too.
    • Do you have favorite Bible verses or inspirational adages that have served you well through the years? I bet your teen will find them inspirational as well. Jot them down along with a memory of a time the words encouraged you.
    • Remember those Instagram photos of senior year I’ve been encouraging you to snap and post? Have them printed at CVS and paste them into your journal along with a note about why they’re among your favorites.
    Peyton McAlister

    LMP mommas, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m all about your senior guys and girls. I’m also always looking for ways to encourage and equip them for life beyond high school because, well, I just really love them! But I know that no one, and I mean no one, can love them like you do. I don’t think you have to be the next great American novelist to let them know how you feel, though; being their momma is great enough. And I feel confident that whatever you write, it will be noteworthy.

    So pick up that ballpoint pen and see where you inner author takes you!

  • Rush 101: Perfecting Your Resume

    Welcome back to Love, Me Photography’s Rush 101 series! We’re continuing our conversation about all things sorority recruitment with today’s post on creating the perfect resume. If you’re new to the blog and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the Alpha-Delta-Kappa-Panhellenic terminology, be sure to swing by the first installment of our series: The Recruitment Information Packet.  All set? Let’s dive right in by breaking down a standard resume section by section!


    • Name
    • Address
    • Home Number
    • Cell Number
    • Email

    Note: “The Basics” should always be listed at the top of your resume. Put your name front and center, and make sure that it stands out. This can be accomplished by bolding your name, increasing the font size, or both! You can also get creative with your font style, but remember that readability is the most important thing. You don’t want everyone calling you Kelly if your name is actually Kylie. Just saying. Include the rest of The Basics (i.e. your name, address, home and cell number, and email) right below.


    • Graduating High School [include address]
    • Graduation Date
    • Class Rank
    • GPA [weighted and un-weighted]
    • Dual Credit/AP Courses
    • ACT/SAT Scores 

    Note: Keep this section (and the next one) simple by just entering the necessary data. No explanations required!


    • Name
    • Birth Date
    • College Attending [include address]
    • Class and Year [freshman 2015, sophomore 2015, etc]
    • Mother [include her name, college, major, and occupation]
    • Father [include his name, college, major, and occupation]


    Example: Cheerleader of the Year (11, 12)—Nominated by my cheerleading coach and the school’s Athletic Director. 

    Note: Go on girl, show off all that hard work! DO include every scholastic and extracurricular achievement you can think of this side of high school along with a short description. DON’T dig back into the elementary school archives. (Even though I personally think it’s amazing that you won the title of “fastest girl” in the fourth grade, it probably won’t come up in conversation during any of your sorority house visits.)



    Example: Features Editor, Mane Event Newspaper (12)—Wrote copy for Features section of school newspaper, sold ads to local businesses, and edited classmates’ work prior to publication.

    Note: Leadership roles are so(ooo) important to include on your resume. As a member of a sorority, you’ll have the opportunity to lead philanthropy events, plan mixers with other Greek groups, and so much more—current members want to know that you’re up to the task of stepping into a leadership position within the chapter one day!


    • Church Youth Group
    • Fashion Blogging
    • Newspaper Reporting
    • Painting
    • Club Soccer


    • Boys and Girls Club Volunteer
    • Elementary School Tutor
    • Volunteer at Children’s Medical Center—Demonstrated crafts on weekends and visited patients in their rooms.

    Note: Descriptions aren’t always necessary for Section 7 and Section 8. Only include them if you feel that an activity or interest requires a little extra context.


    Example: Bob’s Snow Cone Stand (Grades 8-12)—Started as assistant and worked up to Head Manager by end of senior year.

    Note: Don’t forget to include the length of time you’ve worked for each employer + a brief description. PS: Yes, babysitting counts!



    Jane Doe, Mother: Delta Gamma, Eta Alpha Chapter, Pepperdine University ‘88

    Jim Doe, Father: Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chapter, North Carolina State ‘87

    Jenna Doe, Sister: Delta Delta Delta, Beta Phi Chapter, University of Oklahoma ‘14

    Jamie Doe, Aunt: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Chapter, Texas Tech University ‘94

    Note: Sororities will look at this section to find out if you’re a legacy (i.e., if you have family ties to one or more sorority houses). Be sure to include each member of your family’s graduating college, sorority or fraternity, chapter name (if you know it), and pledge year.

    Still feeling a little stumped when it comes to laying out, printing out, and sending out your resume and the rest of your packet? Girlfriend, we have got you covered. Click below for not one, but TWO sample templates that are 100% free and available for you to download and customize! The first template (which includes a cover letter, sample resume, return address sticker, and photo label) was made using Word, meaning it does not require any special editing software in order for you to make it your own. The second template (which features a blank cover letter, sample resume, return address sticker, photo label, AND an adorable folded thank you card) is a PDF, meaning you will need a program such as Adobe Acrobat Pro in order to drop in your own monogram, name, and other customizations.


    If you use either of our templates, we’d love to know about it! Be sure to tag a photo of your finished Recruitment Information Packet with #LMPrushcrush—we promise to return the favor in the form of likes, comments, and/or emojis with heart-shaped eyes. #sorrynotsorry

  • Life & Love: Share Your Easter Memories with Me!

    So, LMP mommas, now that Spring Break 2015 is a memory of the past and our calendars all officially say “April” at the top (March, where did you go?), today we’re talking about all things Easter!

    If you and your family enjoy old movies and haven’t seen the MGM classic musical Easter Parade, I highly recommend renting it this week. One of the most famous songs featured in the movie has these lyrics:

    “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it / You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.”

    I love it! It sets the tone for today’s blog post perfectly as it recalls those sweet memories of dressing up for Easter. Of course, Easter Sunday is clearly about so much more than what we wear. Still, there’s something about the time-honored tradition of dressing up in our very best frocks-and-frills and parading down Fifth Avenue (ahem…the aisles of our churches) just like Judy Garland.

    Today, I still get excited about the “What are you wearing for Easter?” question. And why wouldn’t I? I was trained to look forward to this moment from a young age! I can remember the excitement of going shopping for “the dress” with my mom and ultimately choosing pastel or floral dresses adorned with big lace collars, hats with ribbon hanging down the back, white gloves with little pearl buttons (yes, gloves, thank you very much) and absolutely loving every minute! The prep that took place the night before Easter was no small task either, and included pink sponge rollers and a swipe of polish on my nails. And then there were the boys who looked oh-so-uncomfortable in Sunday School thanks to their slicked back hair, jackets, and clip-on bowties. Oh, the joy of it all! (And let’s NOT talk about how my brother and I looked like we were dressed as characters from the It’s a Small World ride at Disney World… or the fact that we look less-than-thrilled about not being barefoot…)

    Easter Throwback

    All of this—the sweet moments from my childhood and the new memories I’ll make in just a few short days with my girls—is so special to me. Which makes me wonder…do you feel the same way, LMP mommas? Did you take your daughter or son (bless his heart) shopping for that perfectly cute Easter outfit and then take a photograph or twenty afterward? Or maybe you spent hours dyeing and hiding the most gorgeous Easter eggs imaginable, and then proceeded to forget about them until the “I haven’t taken out the garbage in months” scent kicked in?

    Whatever your memories are, I want to hear all about them—and being a photographer, naturally I want to see photos as well! Please join me in the LMP Easter Memories campaign by posting photos to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts along with a sweet memory or two. Be sure to include the hashtag #LMPEasterMemories and encourage other mommas to “hop” in on our conversation over the next few days. This should be FUN!

  • Moments With Me: Making the Most of March

    I just have to say… I am loving the month in review via Instagram. If you would’ve asked me what happened in March, or what I’ve been learning, or if I had any meaningful experiences this last month, I would have looked at you with a glazed stare because I literally feel brain-dead right about now. Granted, it is seven in the evening, and I haven’t eaten… and my thoughts are always a little more understandable and bright and shiny about mid morning.  Anyway, making an intentional effort to take images with my phone and post them on Instagram/social media has taken on a new meaning for me. I’m able to quickly look over all the images I took in one month and can see all the memories… how much my girls are growing and changing, and because I’m the one taking them, I have memories attached to what I was feeling in those exact moments.

    Don’t be fooled, though. My March was typical of any Texas suburban mom. It was spring break and instead of a ski trip or the beach, we opted to stay home and cross off all the things on Mia Grace’s wish list.  Those wishes and goals are evident in many of the images of roller skating, having a ball at an arcade, spending time with special friends, and playing softball.  We also started doing family dinners with my brother and sister-in-law, my nephews, and my parents. Seeing those images of the cousins together and the candid family scene warms my heart and makes me thankful I have a way to keep them forever.

    What’s most interesting is that I have felt such incredible peace this month — and as I reflect on it, I realize it’s been our busiest month in a while. I think what sums up life at this moment is wrapped up in the very last image I posted this month of me, half asleep in bed with Ellie fingers on my face.  Here are my thoughts from that photo straight from my Instagram feed …

    “I woke up early this morning, unable to sleep and found this on my phone. I guess Mia Grace took it without my knowing. Even though we had an epic busy day yesterday, the girls just couldn’t fall asleep last night. I was utterly exhausted when they came in for extra snuggles, and just let Ellie contort my lips and face with her dirty little hands saying, ”Mia Grace! Look!” over and over with a giggle. Despite a day of two sports games, a rehearsal for the school play, a swim party followed by cleaning up throw up from a big girl whose mother forgot to feed her lunch while in the sun all day — washing wet sheets from a little girl whose nap lasted too long while we prepared for my family to come over for dinner– no baths before bed, and a little tiff with the Mr. that she also caught on video exactly two seconds before she took this (yup! NOt even kidding ! And its nearly a FULL minute long), I felt such peace. And during this quiet morning before the sun comes up , I have finally realized that the peace I’ve longed for isn’t found in the absence of conflict or business, but rather, those fleeting moments when no matter what the truth of my life reflects — I just know that no matter what, we’re all gonna be ok.”


    March Collage


    Maybe in the next month I will relish in the reality of this peace… (and I mean… we must be doing something right because my girls’ clearly felt peaceful enough to video their parents’ fighting… ;)

  • Rush 101: The Recruitment Information Packet

    I was talking to one of my cute clients the other day, and she said something that really caught me off guard: “I’m starting to work on my sorority recruitment packet this month.”

    Wait, what? I thought. That can’t be right! I know this makes me sound completely old, but “back in the day,” I’m pretty sure that girls sent off their transcripts and résumés during the SUMMER and that recruitment began in the fall. Now, it seems like most colleges host events for freshman during the summer months, which means that the “unofficial” recruitment process begins much earlier.

    Other things have changed, too. Instead of asking mom to take a picture in the backyard (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything), my senior girls frequently bring special outfits to their portrait sessions so that they have the option of including professional prints in their recruitment packets. And instead of mailing a basic cover letter along with SAT scores and a transcript, I’m seeing girls create branded notebooks, custom sticker labels, logo-ed stationery…the works!

    Quick note: Don’t panic if you haven’t started thinking in the direction of sorority recruitment yet, and don’t feel like you have to design a couture personal logo, either! Honest information always trumps flashy presentation. That being said, creating a unique look for your sorority recruitment packet IS a fun way to show off your personality and set your application apart. Bottom line: tackle this recruitment task (and the entire rush process!) in whatever way feels most like YOU.

    Let’s take a look at the basic information you’ll need to include in your packet. After you’ve read through our list of recruitment essentials, be sure to download our FREE cover letter template! Switch out the example monogram with your own initials, swap out the colors until you find a look that fits your style, and voila! Your packet is ready to go and sure to shine!


    A recruitment information packet, also known as a “recommendation packet,” is a compilation of all the information an alumna of a sorority needs in order to write you a letter of recommendation. You will need to create a separate recruitment packet for every single sorority on the college campus you will be attending. 


     You should send a recruitment packet to a local alumna of every single sorority housed on your college campus. If you don’t know a former Theta, Kappa, or Delta Gamma personally, don’t worry—your local Panhellenic organization should be able to provide you with a list of women to contact.


    Call and ask each alumna on your list if she would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation. After she agrees (because really, who WOULDN’T want to write a rec letter for you?), set a date and time for you to drop off your packet at her home. After writing your letter of recommendation, each alumna will mail your completed recruitment packet to the proper sorority house on your behalf.


    • Large envelopes: 11×14 envelopes should work perfectly. For each packet you will need to include one blank envelope (this will contain every item in your packet and should be handed directly to each alumna on your list) and one pre-stamped envelope addressed to a specific sorority house (the alumna will mail this envelope to the sorority on your behalf). 
    • Postage: You are responsible for paying the postage for your recruitment packets, not the women writing your letters of recommendation. Make sure to weigh your packets in advance so that the proper amount of postage is included on each envelope. 
    • Label stickers: Print your return address and the address of each sorority house on label stickers for a uniform look. Be sure to research the name of each sorority’s VP of Membership and address your packet directly to her—she’s in charge of the entire recruitment process, and personal touches really do make a difference! 
    • 2 copies of your résumé: One for the alumna writing your recommendation, and one for the corresponding sorority house! 
    • 2 copies of your high school transcript 
    • 2 copies of your ACT and/or SAT scores 
    • Cover letter: Your cover letter should be addressed to the alumna writing a recommendation on your behalf, NOT the sorority house your packet will be mailed to. If your letter-writer doesn’t know you personally, this is your chance to introduce yourself and tell her all about why you’re looking forward to attending college, joining a sorority, and getting involved on campus! 
    • Three pictures: Most sororities will ask for a variety of shots—at least one headshot, a full body pose, and a three-quarter view. It’s a great idea to affix a label to the back of each photo that includes your name, hometown, and high school. 
    • Letter of recommendation


    *Be sure to check each sorority’s website and your Panhellenic website for specific requirements!




    Congrats! You are now equipped with our recruitment packet essentials list and a super cute cover letter template! Stay tuned for the next installment of our Rush 101 series: How to format a recruitment résumé. Until then, learn more about how to build a standout packet by reading this blog post and researching your local Panhellenic organization’s specific guidelines!



    PS: Just wanted you to know that you’re MY rush crush. Every single one of you!


    Rush 101: Perfecting Your Resume: […] Alpha-Delta-Kappa-Panhellenic terminology, be sure to swing by the first installment of our series: The Recruitment Information Packet.  All set? Let’s dive right in by breaking down a standard resume section by […] (Apr 16, 2015 at 08:19 am)
  • Life & Love: More than a feeling…

    To all the wonderful Love, Me Photography mommas out there who are beginning that final descent toward graduation day, I want you to know how very honored and thankful I am to have the opportunity to capture the wonder that is your child in every single frame I shoot. Every time I take a look through the lens of my camera, I see these amazing young men and women who are so talented and bright with endless possibilities before them, and I can’t help but think of these lines from the Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You’ll Go: “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!”


    I’m so excited for them and all of the adventures waiting around the next corner. But then, because I’m a mom, I can’t help but stop and think of you. The one who has been a constant from the time of their birth until now. The cheerleader who has clapped her hands over every last achievement. The comforter who held his hands and wiped away her tears after every difficult disappointment. And I wonder…what are you feeling right now?

    Although my girls are still young, in a small way I feel like I can empathize with my LMP senior mommas. I’ve found that there are seasons when I have to remind myself to be intentional about pausing and reflecting on all that is swirling around me. Naturally, this awareness and call to “be still” usually pops up when I’m going full-steam ahead, totally booked, and completely stressed out. Still, if I don’t throw on the brakes, I know I’m prone to miss the moments that are really important…those moments with my family that cannot compare with anything else this world has to offer (the talented Tara Whitney captured this sweet moment with my oldest girl a few years ago… still loving it).


    So, I just have to ask: What feelings are you experiencing right now as you prepare for “the day”—the one when your son or daughter is all packed up and pulling out of the driveway? Are you feeling thrilled, nervous, sentimental, bittersweet? Or are you already mentally remodeling their room to make way for that great craft area you’ve always wanted? No judgment here! No matter what it is you’re feeling, I’d really like to hear about it.

    Whatever “it” is—good, bad, or rip-your-heart-out sad—here’s my prayer and hope for you: May you be gifted with a few minutes (or 60!) when time stands still for you and your senior. May you sit and talk and laugh and dream about what lies ahead for BOTH of you. And may you remember that despite whatever you’re feeling during this crazy transition process and despite the many changes on the horizon, you’ve got a forever connection with your senior that’s never going to go away.


    P.S. Calling all moms who’ve already been through the empty nest drill: I would LOVE to hear from you, too! We need your voice of experience, so please chime in via the comment section below!

    Much love to you all. I feel for you! (Literally.)

  • Savvy Senior: Dorm Room Dreaming

    College applications are out of the way. You may have already gotten an acceptance letter or two. If you’re super ahead of the game, perhaps you’ve even researched—and dare we say, applied for—a few scholarships. Our point? All the hard parts of senior year are over. Well, minus end of the year exams, the inevitable onset of *senioritis, and ensuring that your skin stays perfect before prom. But that’s all beside the point…and that point being, to put worries aside and celebrate the next chapter of your life by day-dreaming about dorm room décor!

    We’ve created two unique looks that combine all the furniture essentials you need with a hefty dose of personality. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!


    Chic-and-sleek furniture pieces combine with pops of color for a look that’s sophisticated yet playful. The perfect environment for studying AND hanging!

    Dorm Room - HerDorm Room - Her

    photo credits: duvet: Dormify | zebra + text mom pillow: Dormify | gold and white desk: Pottery Barn Teen | tribal pillow, Kate Spade stapler, throw, and art print: Dormify | wall hanging: Urban Outfitters



    A rustic color palette and woodsy materials create an upscale atmosphere that’s just right for hitting the books (and relaxing afterward).

    Dorm Room - Him


    Dorm Room - Him

    photo credits: desk: Pottery Barn Teen | bookends: Dormify | grizzly bear: Urban Outfitters | scratch-off world map: Urban Outfitters | duvet: Target | alarm clock, universal battery, and wooden desk accessories: Pottery Barn Teen

    Not ready to stop dreaming about your dorm-room-to-be? We don’t blame you! Here are a few more links for those looking to do some follow-up reading:

    1. For DIY dorm room projects, click here and here. 
    1. Feel like online shopping? Dormify is filled with tons of super cute temptations.

    *Has senioritis already struck? Tackle your lack of enthusiasm by revisiting these 5 organizational tips — guaranteed to make the rest of senior year a breeze!

  • LMP Radio: The Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

    So, you already have your super sweet Spring Break Staycation planned, but you don’t have a soundtrack to go with it!? Don’t worry, I have you covered. If you liked the Valentine’s Day playlist, trust me when I say you will LOVE this one just as much, if not more. I may have thrown in a little old school Britney and some TLC for good measure, but this is sure to give you the upbeat vibe you want for you adventures and the mellow tunes you need after a relaxing mani/pedi or a long day in sun on the golf course. Click play below and let us do the work tuning your “radio.”

    Some of my favorites on the list this month are Hypnotic by Zella Day, Waterfalls by TLC (obviously), and Peaches by In The Valley Below (without a doubt included my beloved Counting Crows — do I even have to say I love them? I love them).

    Who are you listening to? Did you find anyone on this list that you never knew you loved? If you have any suggestions for next month’s #LMPRadio leave a comment or tweet them to @lovemephoto.